How Protective Underwear Can Boost Your Confidence

Urinary incontinence is a condition in which you are unable to control your own bladder. As you can imagine, this can be embarrassing, especially if you have an accident out in public. Many people who suffer from incontinence also have low self-esteem and feelings of depression.

One way to help manage bladder leaks is by wearing incontinence undergarments, specifically protective underwear. Unlike adult diapers, protective underwear are not taped on the sides and thus, don’t resemble baby diapers. Instead, protective underwear are pulled up and down like regular underwear. This makes people feel less inferior and more confident while out in public.

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Incontinence Briefs for Bariatric Patients

Incontinence products come in a wide range of sizes from extra small to XL+. Heavier individuals may find it difficult to find larger sized briefs in brick and mortar stores. Fortunately, National Incontinence carries a variety of XL+ products for bariatric patients.

Our newest addition is the McKesson Ultra Plus Bariatric Brief. Offered in a size XXXL (waist size up to 95”), these bariatric briefs feature a soft, breathable material with stretch panels for a snug fit. The non-woven acquisition layer quickly absorbs liquids and keeps the skin dry and free of odors.

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Using Vaginal Weights after Pregnancy

“I am several months post-partum and I’m still having troubling with leakage problems. I’ve heard about exercise weights that I can use to tone my vaginal muscles. Can you tell me more about these weights?”

What you’re referring to are vaginal weights, or vaginal cones. These weights are small plastic cones that are graduated in size with a string at the end. They’re inserted and removed from your vagina, like a tampon.

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New McKesson Products Added to National Incontinence

This past week, we’ve added 10 new products to our site. These incontinence products are all value-priced and manufactured by McKesson, which provides health products for long term care facilities, home health agencies and HME suppliers. Among the new products, one is an incontinence pad, five are briefs, two are pull ups and the last two are waterproof underpads.

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Losing Weight to Improve Bladder Control

“I am overweight and I have problems controlling my bladder. Sometimes I have accidents and it’s so embarrassing! My friend mentioned suggested that I lose weight to help stop the leaks. Is this true – will losing weight improve my incontinence problem?”

Excess weight can add pressure onto your abdominal area, which pushes onto your bladder and causes urine to involuntarily leak out. This type of incontinence is called stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

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