Urinary Incontinence: Best Ways to Control Urine Odors

“I’m a caregiver for my elderly father, who has bladder control problems. He wears protection, but still smells like urine. What can I do to control the odors?”

There are several things you can do as a caregiver. The first is to make sure that your father is wearing the right adult diaper for his needs. Diapers come in various sizes, brands, and styles, so your dad may need to try out some products first to find the right one for him. It also helps to use a diaper with built-in odor control. Some examples include Tena Super Briefs, Attends Briefs, and Tranquility ATN Briefs.

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The History of Kegels

Pelvix & Bladder

If you’re experiencing bladder control problems, you may have been told to “do your kegels” without getting any explanation on how to do them or exactly what they are.

Kegels are exercises that help strengthen the pelvic floor, which supports the bladder and bowel. If the pelvic floor is damaged or weakened, you might start experiencing fecal or urinary incontinence. Men might dribble after urination, while women may leak a little when sneezing or coughing. Common reasons why people may experience such urinary control problems include childbirth, menopause, heavy lifting, medication, constipation or prostate surgery.

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Best Plastic Diapers for Adult Bedwetting

Nowadays, companies are steering away from traditional plastic backed adult diapers and producing more cloth-like briefs that are breathable and more discreet. However, for those who prefer plastic back diapers, we carry a variety of extra absorbent products, great for nighttime incontinence. These briefs not only last several hours, but also are comfortable and soft to the touch.

Abena Briefs Below are some of the most popular plastic diapers for adult bedwetting:

Abena Abri-Form Briefs
Available in two absorbencies, Super and X-Plus, Abena briefs are some of the most absorbent adult diapers on the market. They combine polymer and fluff material to effectively absorb large volumes of urine, while keeping skin dry. The refastenable tape tabs and elastic waistband allow for a snug fit. In addition to nighttime incontinence, Abena diapers are great for long flights and road trips.

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JAMA Study: Effectiveness of POP Surgery May Decrease Over Years

Pelvic organ prolapse, or POP, occurs when the pelvic organs, such as the vagina and uterus, fall down or slip out of place. This is caused by the weakening of connective tissues, muscles, and ligaments.

Every year, more than 225,000 women will undergo a type of surgery called an abdominal sacrocolpopexy to fix this “falling out” problem. The procedure involves connecting the top of the vagina to a stable ligament from the pelvic bone with a piece of mesh. The surgical mesh is supposed to help support the pelvic organs and keep them where they’re supposed to be.

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How to Prevent Diaper Leaks with Booster Pads

If you’ve ever experienced a leaky diaper, you know how frustrating and embarrassing that can be. Your clothes get wet, your bed sheets become stained, and your laundry just piles up.

A great way to prevent leaky diapers (besides wearing the right size and type) is to use a booster pad. Diaper booster pads are designed to be worn inside disposable undergarments, such as an adult brief or pull up, to provide extra absorbency. Booster pads can also be used with washable pants.

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