Best Men’s Incontinence Supplies for Prostate Surgery Recovery

“I am about to have prostate surgery and the doctor says I may lose bladder control. He suggested buying adult diapers but there are so many to choose from! What would you recommend?”

Many men will suffer from urinary incontinence post-prostate surgery. Bladder leakage is usually temporary, lasting a few months. Fortunately, there are many products available that’ll help you stay dry, comfortable, and active – no matter your level of incontinence.

In the beginning, when incontinence is heaviest, using protective underwear is your best option. They provide heavy protection while remaining easy for you to put on and remove because they wear like regular underwear. Our most popular protective underwear is the Tranquility Premium DayTime Disposable Underwear. They are highly absorbent, breathable, and discreet. Since they don’t have the traditional plastic backing, they don’t have that distinctive swoosh sound of wearing a diaper.

Tena Guards for Men

Once you begin to regain some bladder control, you may want to look for a more discreet and lightweight product. That is where male guards come into play. Guards are the best incontinence pads for men because they easily and effectively fit in the front of any regular, close fitting underwear, and they provide highly concentrated absorption in the front. Unlike gender neutral pads, which are long and offer protection throughout the length of the pad, male guards are shaped like a “v” to offer more protection where men need it most. These pads are great for daytime activities because they hold up to 8 oz. of fluid so you won’t have to worry about an embarrassing leak.

For those who prefer a reusable product, male washable absorbent briefs are another discreet option for daily protection from small leaks.

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3 thoughts on “Best Men’s Incontinence Supplies for Prostate Surgery Recovery

  1. As a healthcare provider, I have great confidence in the quality of the Tranquility Incontinence Line and have many clients who are extremely please with these products. There is a usually bit of concern on the part of the client at first because the price point is usually a bit higher than some of the other brands. However, the materials used in Tranquility products are highly effective in capturing and containing a high volume of fluid which usually equates to using less products each day. In the long run, the client actually spends less on incontinence products.

  2. I have had bladder problems my whole life. I have bladder retention and I.C. chronic infections. You know the drill. Any way now i have some more severe nerve problems going on. Besides my legs going numb spasms or severe pain also in pelvic area my bladder is all over the place. one day I can’t go the next i am dumping almost full load. I have tried so many products as of right now i use Abena xplus at night. this is a great brief i promise if placed on right and your penis down you will wake up dry every morning. during the day i Use tena’s new pull up for men with the stripes it is made to fit more like real underwear kinda like depends real fit but more absorbent. noDepends real fit is a great product too but if you find they dont hold enough try the Tena brand. no the secrete I learned over the last 25 yrs no matter if it is a pad pull up or full on diaper the key is a snug fit to prevent leaks. I have tryed all the mesh pants and every kind of pad pant system out there not to mention every brand store bought underwear made.But recent i stumbled across a pair of underwear at walmart now I tell you the manufacture could take and market theses as a pant to hold bladder pads anytime they want it is the best I ever found. They hold a pad or pull up firmly in place but the awesome part is if you do leak the underwear drys in less than ten minutes. this means no rash from wet underpants. they are life synthetic boxer brief made by jockey. They cost about 9-10 bucks a pair but i promise as a man with over 25 yrs of bladder leakage that you can search all the medical sites you want and you wont find anything better. please fill free to share this post place on Face book what ever. I want every man who has to use some form of absorbent product to know this is the last pair of underwear you will ever buy. They are super comfortable and have the best support I have ever tried not to mention they dry in the mater of minutes if getting wet. I wish you all luck and say if your protection is not working or makes you uncomortable

    • was not done. any how don’t be afraid to look around and keep trying products until you find whats right for you. Lots of great products out there and lets face it everyone’s leakage is not the same. but no matter what you use you need good support to hold in place and jockey has made the perfect product.

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