How to Be Discreet While Wearing Adult Diapers

“I’m new to wearing incontinence protection. I was wondering how I can wear adult diapers without anyone knowing. Have any tips?”

Contrary to disbelief, wearing adult diapers in public without anyone knowing is possible. Incontinence briefs nowadays are designed with less bulk yet still remain effective in protecting you from leaks. Use these tips to help you stay discreet while managing incontinence:

  • Choose the right sized adult diaper. Briefs aren’t one size fits all. Make sure to find a diaper that snugly fits your waist and doesn’t leave any gaps open around the legs. Measure your waist and hips to determine which diaper size you need.
  • Drink lots of water. This accomplishes several things. Drinking water keeps your urine from getting concentrated and smelling foul. Water also helps keep you hydrated, which makes your bladder less irritated.
  • Try a breathable brief. Breathable briefs are more lightweight, less bulky and less noisy than traditional all-plastic diapers. If you’d rather stick to the latter, look for a brief with excellent liquid-wicking capabilities and odor control.
  • Choose your clothing wisely. Opt for dark-colored clothing to conceal accidental wet spots. Nowadays, many types of briefs are thin and practically invisible under clothing. This means that people can wear tighter clothing, such as pencil skirts and fitted slacks. However, you should still test out different items in your wardrobe and how they look with your brief on before going out.
  • Be mindful of how you keep your stash. Instead of buying briefs at your local store, shop online. Most companies will deliver your incontinence supplies in plain, discreet packaging to prevent neighbors from knowing your bladder problems.

These simple tips will allow you to wear your incontinence protection in public with confidence. Remember that choosing what clothing to wear with which kind of brief will be a matter of trial and error. Keep in mind that most people will keep to themselves and won’t be looking at you anyway. If you act like you have something to hide and draw attention to yourself, you’ll get attention. With preparation and discretion, it is possible to lead an active and sociable life while wearing adult diapers.

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12 thoughts on “How to Be Discreet While Wearing Adult Diapers

  1. I agree. I have little to no problem wearing adult under my work pants. No one seems to take notice nor do they say anything. I usually keep a stash of adult diapers in the trunk of my car. I also keep some in my duffle bag, zipped up. So yeah, it is possible to wear diapers and not have people noticing that you’re wearing. Good luck. :)

  2. More than anything else the person wearing the diapers should behave normally. Just think of the fact that wearing adult diapers is not a big deal. Incontinence is a physical state that anyone can be in, so just stop fretting over the fact that you are wearing an adult diaper and what people will think if they come to know of this.

    • I agree. I’ve found that if I don’t worry so much that I’m wearing diapers, no one is going to know or care. The more one talks about it, even to himself, the more people notice and wonder “what’s his problem? Why isn’t he working?” etc.

    • While not everyone likes using the word “diapers”, I find nothing wrong with the word. That’s what they are, basically, diapers for adults. You have diapers for babies and toddlers. You have diapers for youth and pre-teens. You have diapers for teens and adults. They’re all basically the same thing, just in various sizes.

  3. I think wearing plastic pants over your diaper helps .
    Remember sum diapers swell up as they get wet , so leave room in your clothing for this.

  4. I need to wear diapers at night or I will wet the bed.i tried one night with out one on and I had to change the whole bed

  5. There is no doubt that to go out with adult diapers inside is bit uneasy and I must say your tips can make anyone comfortable no matter where they are.

    • I agree. I’m 42 yrs old and I still tend to wet my pants, and in some cases, my bed. In worst cases, I’ve had my share of messing accidents.

  6. That is not a big deal.. Don’t think so much that you have worn any diapers. Think that I have worn underwear. Try to relax yourself. No one can know that you have worn diaper or not…

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