Take a Dive with These NEW Disposable Swim Diapers

Swimmates Disposable Adult Swim Diaper

The NEW Swimmates Disposable Adult Swim Diaper is here, just in time for summer! From the makers of Tranquility, this disposable swimwear is designed to contain fecal, or bowel, incontinence. With this swim diaper, there’s no need to avoid beach trips or pool parties!

Designed for aqua therapy, water aerobics, or plain pool fun, the Swimmates Diaper is worn underneath a bathing suit and won’t swell up or break apart in the water. The incontinence swimwear features the familiar blue moisture-proof barrier and Kufguards leg barriers that can be found in other Tranquility products. Swimmates is a pull-up brief with a full-rise waist panel and stretchy sides that can be ripped open for easy removal and disposal.

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Get Back Into the Water with SOSecure Briefs

SoSecure Swim Briefs

Summer is finally here! It’s time to hit up the beaches and sit by the pool. But what do you if you suffer from incontinence? The answer: SoSecure Swim Briefs.

These unique swim briefs are designed to help you get back into the water so you don’t have to miss out on swimming. The SoSecure Swim Briefs are originally intended for people with fecal incontinence, but can also be used for urinary incontinence. It’ll hold several cups of water, depending on the size. The briefs have also been reviewed by the National Foundation for Continence so you know it’s effective.

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