New Printed Washable Underpads Help Protect Against Incontinence

Washable underpads offer a great and easy way to keep the bedding and furniture dry from incontinence and bedwetting accidents. This week, we’re bringing you two new printed bed pads from leading manufacturer Dry Defender.

The first mattress underpad features a fun and colorful blue sky print design that’s perfect for children. Your loved one will feel like he’s actually sleeping on clouds! The second overlay sports a more mature, lumberjack pattern that works well for both children and adults.

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Survey Shows Positive Changes with Bedwetting Alarms

Although bedwetting alarms are the most effective treatment for primary enuresis, many parents are still unfamiliar with the alarms and skeptical of its effectiveness. The Bedwetting Store recently published new survey results, which may provide some reassurance for parents who may be uncertain about using a bedwetting alarm for their child.

The survey included 803 families whose child had used an enuresis alarm. Parents were asked, “What changes, if any, have you observed in your child since using the alarm?” The changes included the child’s self-esteem, quality of sleep, relationships with peers and parents, overnight stays and school performance. Parents rated each statement as “Significantly Worse”, “No Change” or “Significantly Improved”.

Here are the results:

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New Infographic Guides Parents and Children on How to Treat Enuresis

Nocturnal enuresis, or bedwetting, can be frustrating for both the parent and the child. Affecting more than five million children in the United States, bedwetting can be caused by a variety of factors including genetics, food sensitivities, high urine production during sleep, and constipation. Many parents wait it out, in hopes that their child will simply “grow out” of bedwetting. However, according to a new infographic published by the Bedwetting Store, only 15% of bedwetters will stop wetting the bed on their own. This means that 85% of bedwetting children will still need help.

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New Infographic Illustrates History of Nocturnal Enuresis Treatments

For those wondering what types of nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) treatments were available before the invention of the bedwetting alarms we have today, there’s a new infographic that chronicles the history of bedwetting treatments. The treatments, which include sprinkling pig bladder bits onto a child’s bed and using hypnotherapy, are displayed in a timeline, starting from 1550 BC to the late ’90s. Take a look at the bedwetting infographic below: Continue reading