NEW Attends Bariatric Underwear Offers Extra Absorbency and Coverage

Attends Bariatric Underwear

Attends has recently redesigned its Extra XXL Protective Underwear (#AP0750) to create a more absorbent underwear with better coverage and protection. The new product is now called Attends Bariatric Underwear (#AU50) and fits waist sizes 68” to 80”.

This bariatric disposable pull up underwear features an improved absorbent core that is longer and wider than before, providing everyday incontinence protection for larger sized men and women. Two layers – an acquisition layer and a super absorbent polymer – work together to direct fluids into the core and pull it away from the user’s skin. This not only helps keep skin dry and prevent diaper rashes, but also controls odor.

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Products You Need to Protect Against Nighttime Incontinence

More than 26 million Americans suffer from urinary incontinence, and of those people, 2 percent are affected by nighttime incontinence, or adult bedwetting. This condition can be difficult to maintain, leading to frustrations with wet beds and skin infections. Read below to find out what essentials you need to protect against nighttime incontinence:

Nighttime brief

If you experience nighttime incontinence or adult bedwetting, you’ll need a brief designed for nighttime use. These briefs and underwear feature multiple layers of highly absorbent material that wick urine away from the skin. Many of these products also have special characteristics, such as leg guards and high waist panels, to prevent leakage onto the sheets.

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Survey Shows Positive Changes with Bedwetting Alarms

Although bedwetting alarms are the most effective treatment for primary enuresis, many parents are still unfamiliar with the alarms and skeptical of its effectiveness. The Bedwetting Store recently published new survey results, which may provide some reassurance for parents who may be uncertain about using a bedwetting alarm for their child.

The survey included 803 families whose child had used an enuresis alarm. Parents were asked, “What changes, if any, have you observed in your child since using the alarm?” The changes included the child’s self-esteem, quality of sleep, relationships with peers and parents, overnight stays and school performance. Parents rated each statement as “Significantly Worse”, “No Change” or “Significantly Improved”.

Here are the results:

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How to Protect Your Mattress from Adult Bedwetting

Mattress protection is critical when dealing with adult bedwetting. Disposable products, such as adult briefs and protective underwear, may help protect the mattress, but accidents can happen. If you or your loved one experiences enuresis at night, there are various waterproof pads that can be used to keep the mattress dry and clean:

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New Prevail Products Added to National Incontinence

Prevail Smooth Fit for Women

We work hard to bring our customers the best absorbent and comfortable incontinence products in the market. This past week, we’ve added two new products from leading brand Prevail.

Prevail Smooth Fit for Women

These women’s incontinence underwear provide maximum absorbency for moderation to heavy incontinence. Prevail Smooth Fit is designed with cotton soft materials and stretch panels that fit and contour to the female body. Women will love how much the underwear looks and feels like regular panties. The product also offers odor protection, which adds to the overall discreetness that women with incontinence need to stay active and confident.

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