The Many Uses of Adult Diapers Besides Incontinence

When people think about adult diapers, they usually envision an elderly adult who has unfortunately lost control over their bladder over the years. While many of our customers are, indeed, the elderly, we also provide incontinence supplies to the young and middle-aged demographics, as incontinence doesn’t discriminate based on age. However, adult diapers are also used by those who don’t have any bladder control problems. Besides, incontinence and disability, here are several different uses for adult diapers:

  1. Difficult access to (clean) bathrooms

    When you’re standing in a long line or don’t have quick access to a clean bathroom, an adult diaper can be used for convenience purposes. During the 2009 presidential inauguration, we even received calls from customers who wanted disposable diapers because they were concerned there wouldn’t be enough porta-potties or that they didn’t want to lose their place in line to use the bathroom.

  2. Gambling

    This goes along with not losing your spot – or in this case, slot. In 2005, Prof. Tim Pelton of University of Victoria’s Center for Addiction Research found that Canadian youth fueled their gambling addiction by wearing adult diapers so that they didn’t have to leave their slot machine and go to the restroom.

  3. Fuel

    In an environmental effort to reduce landfill waste, Japanese company Super Faiths Inc. created the SFD System, recycling machines that turn used disposable diapers into a viable fuel source.

  4. Astronauts

    Created by NASA, the Maximum Absorbency Garment (MAG), essentially a “space diaper”, allows astronauts to relieve themselves during take-off, long spacewalks (can last 6+ hours), and re-entry.

  5. Truck drivers

    Few truck stops, long drives, and demanding deliveries can take a toll on the bladder. For these reasons, some truck drivers find adult briefs convenient.

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33 thoughts on “The Many Uses of Adult Diapers Besides Incontinence

  1. Those all sound like good reasons for wearing diapers. Whoever said that diapers are for babies only should have their heads examined. While it’s true, that babies wear diapers from birth until they’re potty trained, diapers aren’t exclusively a baby/toddler thing, nor is it an elderly or disabled person thing. I’ve worn diapers while I’m working, because even though the restroom isn’t very far from where I’m doing my job, because I’m so busy doing my job, I can’t just stop to pee. So, I prefer to wear diapers than stop what I’m doing and run to the bathroom. It’s not being lazy, it’s being prepared.

  2. I have diabetes and small fiber mixed polyneuropathy.
    While not incontinent i have severe urgency and i can be setting for a time and not feel the need to go but if i stand up i can have the need to go right now.
    This can be a problem while traveling. with the small fiber polyneuropathy i have some problem getting around to find a bathroom.
    Also i have to go 2 to 3 times a night because of the diabetes. wearing diapers means i don’t have to get up and can go right back to sleep.
    The best way to handle these problems is to wear a diaper.
    I no longer have to get up at night or hurry to try to find a restroom while traveling.
    i can ride the local bus without worrying about finding restrooms.
    i was a bed wetter till 12 so its not like diapers are something i do not remember wearing.
    I am also a nudist and still go to nude beaches and i wear my diapers and undress at the nude beach like everyone else except i take off a diaper instead of regular underwear.
    At the end of the day i put on a dry diaper and finish getting dressed.
    I will say that the adult diapers sold in most stores are worthless junk. the pull up type are useless for men as its very hard to change in public restrooms because you have to get undressed to change them.
    i use the same adult diapers that the the diaper fetish people like and are made for sale to them.
    like ABUniverse, Bambino’s brands and also wear a t-shirt type onesie that helps hold the adult diaper in place

    • I agree with you. Unless it’s at a health care store, or online, most store brand adult diapers are crap. I prefer the more upscale diapers like Molicares and Abena Abri-form. I’ve tried the pull-on brief style diapers, and they’re worthless for anything more than dribbling.

    • I wet the bed till I was 15 but my MoM felt I would be embarrassed to wear diapers. I wanted to wear them so bad I hated waking up freezing every morning my teeth chattering.

      • I also wet my bed until I was 18 my Mother threatened to put me back in diapers but never happened I always woke up to a wet bed soon after I stopped wetting I was working and bought some adult diapers now today I have lost control of my bladder at night and need diapers

      • It’s too bad your mom wouldn’t let you wear diapers. I’m 42 yrs old and I wear diapers because still wet my pants. It’s embarrassing as hell, but not quite as embarrassing as wetting my pants, or the bed. I’m hardly disabled. I don’t need a wheelchair or power chair to get around with.

    • I have had to put my teenage son in cloth diapers and plastic panties after he was sent home from school five time for wetting and or messing in his pants at school, I called the school nurse and told her that I was putting him back in cloth diapers full time because he was having to many wet and messy pants. I asked her if I could leave extra diapers and plastic panties with her for him if she would help changes his diapers at school. She said that it was no problem with her if that’s what he needs. I had a hard time getting my son to except wearing cloth diapers. I just asked him if he want wetting in his pants so everybody could see when he wet his. I told him that he wouldn’t have to worry about finding a bathroom in time to go anymore because he would just use his diapers and plastic panties and get changed after his diapers were soiled. I told him that know one would see his diapers but our family and the school nurse when she changes his diapers. I show him people wearing adult diapers in public for depends to support using adult diapers. I show him sites on the internet of teenagers who wear and use diapers to show him that he was not alone. I showed him an article that said diapers are no just for babies and any. I showed him an article that said that diapers are just an other form of underwear. I show him that between 20-30 million people both adults and children in this country are wearing and using diapers. I show him that diapers not for babies are big business and how many websites are selling cloth diapers for older children and adults. We had a few rough days at first but once he got used to wearing using his diapers I had no more problems with him about diapers and having them changed at home and by the school nurse. After I got him into his cloth diapers and plastic panties I took him to his bedroom and we packed up all his boy underwear and put away his new diapers and plastic panties. I told him that I had ordered a changing table for him where his diapers and plastic panties would be stored. That was three years ago and he has worn and used cloth diapers and plastic panties ever since. He now like the security and comfort of his diapers.

  3. What’s always bothered me about diapers is society’s perception about them. Even today, most people think of diapers as being for babies or toddlers, that only babies wear diapers. That’s not true. Diapers come in infant and toddler sizes, but they also come in children’s sizes, teen sizes and adult sizes.

    Another thing that bothers me is that society seems to think that anyone older than two yrs,, is able-bodied, and potty trained shouldn’t need to wear diapers. I don’t agree. No matter how well potty trained one may be, no matter how able-bodied one may be, no one can hold on indefinitely, and will need to pee or even poop. Unfortunately, there are situations where one can’t be near a toilet when you need to go, even if you know where the toilet is.

    • I agree with you and so dose my son who wears diapers 24/7. They are being sold everywhere these days. Depends even has a new add campaign with adults both men and women wearing showing them off on public streets. There is a woman on the T.V. show that has been a part of that campaign. We need to be calling them for what they are diapers. However we keep referring to them as protective underwear and other names. We don’t refer to ladies bras as protective breast holder or breast supporters. We just add more shame by not calling them what they are which is diapers. We only want to call them diapers when they are used on babies. The health care refers to them as diapers. Nurses and doctors refer to them as diapers. Health cars supply companies refer to them as adult diapers

  4. I am a young 30 year old male I was in a major car wreck in 2003 a car hit me head on. I have chronic regional pain disorder an have No control of my bladder. I wear north shore supreme briefs. I have to say I am very embarrassed about even though my coworkers an family know I wear them most people in general don’t. The thing I hate about wearing them most is them showing out the back of pants an changing in public when I have to tear of the tabs to take off an pull the tab to put it on. I look very much normal which I know is amazing for the wreck that I was in. But in a way I wish I look disabled then people wouldn’t look at me weird. I will say I have some great friends an family that are extremely supportive of me they have help me change at home work an in stalls when my hand closed up from the chronic pain disorder. I want to say to anyone who is reading this please be more supportive of younger people who need to wear diapers it’s not easy. Thanks for hearing me ouf

    • I agree. Anyone who says that diapers are only for babies or toddlers, or only for the invalid or the elderly should have their heads examined. Because anyone who’s anyone who’s ever wet his pants, or even had a bowel movement in his pants knows that it’s not always possible to make it to the toilet in time to prevent an accident. It’s not about age, physical ability, or mental ability. However able-bodied one may be, no one can hold on indefinitely and need to relieve themselves. It’s not about being lazy or refusing to make it to the toilet. If you can’t make it to the toilet, or you’re too busy to run to the toilet, then you should definitely wear diapers. Simple as that.

    • I’m a 30 year old female and am going through the diagnostic period for interstitial cystitis(painful bladder syndrome). I just bought diapers because I’ve been going so frequently, and hold it in hurts tremendously. I don’t know if what the dr is going to do will help but I know for sure for at the least two weeks I will have to wear diapers everyday. I wanted to say thank you to you, and everyone else who has posted here, I’ve been very nervous and uncomfortable with the thought of urinating myself. I’ve thankfully not had any major accidents yet but after he stretches my bladder I’m sure it’ll happen. So thank you SO MUCH I feel much less uncomfortable about this whole ordeal. I’m very sorry about your accident and although you use diapers I’m sure that hasn’t changed they type of person you are. Again thank you so much for posting, if for nothing else, just know that you helped me today feel more comfortable about using the adult diapers.

      • @Kristine: I have been dealing with this myself and wearing diapers at night and when I’m going to be away from a bathroom for longer that 20-30 min (depending on my symptoms that day). The pain sucks when I have it. I’ve tried other types if protection but I feel a diaper is the best. When you gotta go you gotta go and it’s better then being in pain. Hope you have success with the DRs. I’m going thru PT right now. hopefully that helps some.

      • @Kristine and Brandon.

        I am right there with y’all! I am 30 as well and I have been wearing for a little over 10 yrs now. I only used to have night time accidents and then they started happening in the day. So I started having to wear 24/7.
        I am sure y’all have learned that no one notices. Plus it is the last thing people would expect. No I will say changing in public makes it harder because of the tapes. I always try to use a family restroom when I can because they are private. Don’t have to go extremely slow so the tapes aren’t as loud. Brandon. I am a cowboy so naturally I wear wranglers that are tighter. If it makes you feel any better no one notices my “diapered butt” even wearing molicare super pluses. But I will say I tuck my shirts in minus tshirts. I I am wearing a tshirt I just have to be very mindful of bending over. But both of y’all shouldn’t worry to much about people noticing. If you act normal and confident they don’t have any reason to look further. Best wishes to you both and here for you guys if y’all need anything.

      • It’s a tough thing to realize your not able to be who you want to be or live the way you expect!! I have been wearing diapers on and off for over 13 years and am 42 years old and not a day goes by I feel gross and self conscious about this but it all comes down to, it’s just a part of what I have to do to be comfortable it doesn’t define me in any way!! So learn to deal with it in a healthy way and just live your life to the fullest!!

    • Brandon there should no reason for you to be embarrassed or ashamed of your underwear because that is what they are. A few years ago young girls were wear their fathers and or bothers boxer shorts as shorts. They were clearly men’s underwear but they did it any way and no body said anything. Now day I see young girls wear pants with whole in them sometimes even in the butt wear you can clearly see the color of their panties. You see young men wearing pants that are so baggy and large on them that the pants are hanging so low that you can see their underwear. Most people don’t give a damp what you are wearing. No body else can make you fell ashamed or embarrassed you make yourself feel that way. My teenage son the first summer when it was over 100 degrees out side I had him go out with me shopping in a short t-shirt in his diapers and plastic panties clearly visible. He didn’t want to at first but I told him know body cares what you are wearing and if they do notice your diapers they will just assume they that you have a problem way you have to wear diapers which you do. If they ask I will just tell them that you have a medical
      reason for needing diapers which you do. I hang his diapers and plastic panties on our cloth lines when the weather is good. Ever one in our family knows that he has to wear diapers and so do our neighbors. No body has ever said anything. After over 4 year
      of wearing diapers and plastic panties my son has found out that he has nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about his diapers. Most of the time we make our own fears.

  5. I am 38 years old, a married with children and am successful in my career. I wear adult diapers and have for many years, I am what is considered a diaper lover. I wear them for two reasons, one is that I just like the feeling of wearing and wetting them and the other is that I work in the pest control industry. I spend many hours on the road driving, I am in and our of people’s houses all day and my hands are usually dirty. As a service provider it is very inconvenient to stop and ask a client to use their washroom and annoying to stop what I am doing for a little pee. Diapers allow me to be more productive, more professional and enjoy my day just a little more. For this who are wondering, yes my wife knows and is ok with it…lol

    • I’m 42 yrs old and I wear diapers. I’m neither incontinent, nor am I an AB/DL. Because I work a lot, and I cannot be near a restroom as often as I’d like, I wear diapers. If I need to go no. 2, I use the toilet, but for no. 1, I pee in my diapers.

  6. I’m 52 and have been wearing diapers now for 20 years when I first started if was for pure comfort now 20 years later I can’t go to bed without being diapered for I never wake up to go pee I only wake up after I had wet myself

  7. I was a chronic bedwetter into my teens, and used a goodnite or something like that to help/try keep my sheet dry.
    Now I bedwet very rarely but does happen occasionally, and I’m not ashamed to wear a Molicare most nights, just in case, like after a party or if I’m stressed about something.

    in a odd way I’m a diaper lover, but NOT because I do NOT really need them…

  8. It seems than many of us had bed wetting issues. I stopped having wet nights around 5, but at 14 it started again. At 14 there is nothing worse than having friends find out your a bed wetter. After several trips to the doctor and not finding anything specific, I went to see a shrink. After a few visits, I was told that I seemed fine, and I would have to deal with it until I out grew it. It was then when my mother ordered diapers and diaper covers from Sears. After the initial shock and embarrassment wore off, I really liked waking up in a dry bed. I have worn diapers at night ever since. If you have worn diapers, you know the embarrassment that goes with it. At the time, I felt like I was the most unfortunate male on earth. Over the years it became routine, but it always made making new friends and dating scary. Moving forward, at age 55, I started having minor urgency accidents. I am now using diapers day and night. On the bright side, thank god they came out with high quality disposables (Bambino are the best). Although I still wear cloth diapers at night, quality disposables have made my life much easier.

    I do have one observation for those that are going through early stages of IC, it gets easier to deal with and I’m not embarrassed any more even when I’m in seen changing in public rest rooms. I have also noticed that once I started wearing during the day, I got lazy and gave up trying.

    Best of luck to people just beginning this journey, and be thankful that you aren’t stuck with cloth diapers and diaper covers as your only choice.

    • Hey Rob. I know what that’s like. I thought I was crazy. I was never physically disabled nor mentally handicapped. I was potty trained by the age four, but I still had the occasional wetting accident.

  9. I’m 23 and just started wearing diapers during the day. I had a baby 14momths ago and ever since I can’t control leaks. Everytime I cough or sneeze I leak(and not just little bits). It get embarrassing when you’re at work and have to hope no one notices the wet spot in your pants.

    • I agree. It can be embarrassing. I’m 42, and try as I might, It’s always been difficult to control when and where I pee. If I’m near a restroom and I’m able to make it in a timely manner, I’m in good shape. Most of the time, though, It’s not easy.

  10. Adult briefs are largely benefited to the people who have mobility problems who are sick or using handicapped or dementia.
    Apart from old people, disable people and patients, adult briefs are also used by healthy young people at work, where the timings are restricted by the company to attend the nature calls. Also adult briefs are useful at while travelling.
    The main advantage of these adult diapers is disposability.

  11. Im 49 years old and now wear diapers full time. I have a bladder control problem most of the time. This was embarrasing to say the least! I have gotten used to wearing them and feel secure wearing them. I will admit that i have gotten lazy and rather then find a bathroom i will just pee as needed. I did find that a complete pubic hair removal makes for better hygeine.

  12. It is nice to read the comments! I am totally blind and diapers come in handy when I am out in pblic by myself. I would rather use a diper than a nasty public rest room. My wife is not suportive of my diaper use, she is still of the mindset that diapers areonly for babies. For me, diapers have saved my butt on several occasions.

  13. It is nice to read the comments! I am totally blind and diapers come in handy when
    I am out in public by myself. I would rather use a diper than a nasty public rest
    room. My wife is not suportive of my diaper use, she is still of the mind set that
    diapers are only for babies. For me, diapers have saved my butt on several occasions.

    • I know the feeling, believe me. I’m neither incontinent, nor do I consider myself an AB or DL, but I have always liked wearing diapers. My parents, although they’re wonderful people, and I love them dearly, still believe that diapers are *only* for babies, and that since I’m not a baby, I shouldn’t *have* to wear diapers.

  14. i been wearing diapers for close to 40 years .i pee all the time .like leaving a faucet open . i have tried so many different diapers that i would say more that 70 different . now after trying so many that my doctor could get me .i now have been using large super Molicare 24/7/365 at night i need to add some tranquility boosters pads . i wear jeans that are not really bulky at all wile i work .i was a contractor n ow im doing repairs for a real estate company .i have had meager spine surgery 1 years ago .and lost feeling in my legs from my knees to my feet .wetting is the least of my problems at this point . i have changed in public bathroom so many times i really don’t give a dm .but tell ya i do still at times put my hand on my but to see if my diaper is bulging lol . but i carry my back pack with at least 6 diapers and small shopping bags to wrap them in . surgical gloves to apply diaper cream to my diaper area because ill tell ya diaper rash really sucks bad . yes im clean shaven down there it takes some skill to do it your self at my age .don’t feel bad wearing diapers .their made for many reasons .to keep you dry as well as give you confidence in your self .so you can get out of the house and have a life again . many years i would not go out for any reason in a diaper .due to the only ones i could get was generic and them are like using a chuck and duck tape. sweat will break them apart and would fall into them self and have a large lump between your legs .be you don’t be what some one wants you to be and happy new year .

  15. My teenage son has been wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants for years now. He wear them 24/7 even to school where I made
    arrangements to have the school nurse change his diapers when needed. It has not been a problem once he got over felling ashamed and embarrassed about his need for diapers 24/7. His diapers have been exposed a few times. I have even had him go out side in the 100 degree weather in his diapers and a t-shirt with his diapers showing below the t-shirt. He didn’t want to at first but the more that he saw that people paid little to no attention to his diapers and plastic panties the more he except being in his diapers. he no longer fells ashamed or embarrassed about wearing diapers I even hang his diapers and plastic pants on the cloths line in our back yard.

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