Traveling? Don’t Forget Your TravelJohn.

Imagine you’re taking a road trip with your family. You’re cruising down the highway with the windows down and the music blasting. All of a sudden, you hear someone yell, “I gotta go!” Of course, there’s no bathroom in sight, and even if there was, it’s probably not as sanitary as you’d like. So you reply back, “Hold it in for several more miles!” Unfortunately, the urge is too strong and the floodgates open.

Not a pretty sight, but something you can avoid. Enter the TravelJohn, a disposable urinal that’s appropriate for both children and adults.

The TravelJohn

The TravelJohn is a compact, leak-proof pouch that contains a unique powder that effectively absorbs, deodorizes, and disinfects while instantly solidifying liquids into an odorless gel. The best part? There are no spills or leaks!

This portable urinal features a unisex adapter that makes it easy and hygienic for anyone to use while sitting or standing. Simply position it in place, relieve with ease, and discard after use.

Many people have found the TravelJohn useful on long road trips and for outdoor activities, such as hiking and camping. Truck drivers and small aircraft pilots have also praised the convenience of the Travel John. For those who suffer from incontinence, this urinal helps prevent embarrassing leaks. And for those who get carsick, it’ll also work as a barf bag.

The TravelJohn comes in two sizes, Adult (28 oz.) and Junior (20 oz.). Stash a few in your car, bag, or purse – it’ll keep you from frantically searching for a clean bathroom when you gotta go.

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