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Attends Light Pads

Attends Light Pads

  • Soft absorbent core absorbs fluids quickly and helps prevent odors
  • Adhesive peel strip keeps pad firmly in place
  • White, cloth-like outer cover is soft and discreet
  • Individually wrapped
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Item: 1A
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Regular 1A-R (LP0200) 8.5" x 3" Pack of 22
Case of 110
Case of 198
$7.95 ($0.36/Each)
$32.95 ($0.30/Each)
$54.95 ($0.28/Each)
$29.95 ($0.27/Each)
$51.95 ($0.26/Each)
Extra 1A-E (LP0300) 10.5" x 3.5" Pack of 20
Case of 100
Case of 180
$6.95 ($0.35/Each)
$32.95 ($0.33/Each)
$53.95 ($0.30/Each)
$29.95 ($0.29/Each)
$50.95 ($0.28/Each)
Extra Plus 1A-EP (LP0400) 12.5" x 3" Pack of 60
Case of 240
$23.95 ($0.40/Each)
$72.95 ($0.30/Each)
$69.95 ($0.29/Each)
Ultra Plus 1A-UP (LP0500) 14.5" x 3.5" Pack of 42
Case of 168
$19.95 ($0.48/Each)
$70.95 ($0.42/Each)
$67.95 ($0.40/Each)
Ultimate 1A-U (LP0600) 18" x 3" Pack of 30
Case of 120
$16.95 ($0.57/Each)
$56.95 ($0.47/Each)
$53.95 ($0.45/Each)

Attends Light Pads provide light protection for sudden, involuntary voiding of small amounts of urine. The pad has a soft absorbent polymer core that absorbs fluids quickly and helps prevent odors. Leg gathers and the contoured shape provide superior comfort and fit. Attends Light Pads feature a soft white, cloth-like outer cover and an adhesive strip that keeps the pad firmly in place. Available sizes include: Regular, Extra, Extra Plus, Ultra Plus, and Ultimate.

Choose the length and width that best conforms to your body shape, while providing your level of absorbency.

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