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Tena Serenity Ultimate Protection Pads

Tena Serenity Ultimate Protection Pads

  • Dry-Fast Core™ with Superabsorbent microbeads quickly lock away liquids
  • High-rising side shields provide comfortable fit
  • Gentle skin-soft top sheet provides added comfort
  • pH-balanced to fight urine odors
  • Individually wrapped for discreet portability
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Moderate 1SB-M (41300) 11" Pack of 20
Case of 120
$9.95 ($0.50/Each)
$55.95 ($0.47/Each)
$52.95 ($0.44/Each)
Moderate Long 1SB-ML (46900) 12" Pack of 60
Case of 180
$24.95 ($0.42/Each)
$73.95 ($0.41/Each)
$70.95 ($0.39/Each)
Heavy 1SB-H (42800) 13" Pack of 14
Case of 84
$8.95 ($0.64/Each)
$46.95 ($0.56/Each)
$43.95 ($0.52/Each)
Heavy Long 1SB-HL (47600) 15" Pack of 42
Case of 126
$23.95 ($0.57/Each)
$69.95 ($0.56/Each)
$66.95 ($0.53/Each)
Ultimate 1SB-U (50000) 16" Pack of 10
Case of 40
$10.95 ($1.10/Each)
$34.95 ($0.87/Each)
$31.95 ($0.80/Each)
Overnight 1SB-O (474282) 16" Pack of 28
Case of 84
$19.95 ($0.71/Each)
$59.95 ($0.71/Each)
$56.95 ($0.67/Each)

Now infused with more superabsorbent microbeads, TENA Serenity® Ultimate Protection and Overnight pads are designed to provide moderate to heavy protection against the Unexpected Leak™ so you can enjoy your day with complete confidence.

These incontinence pads feature a Dry-Fast Core to quickly lock away liquids and keep skin dry. Pads are also pH-balanced to fight urine odors and include cushioned side gathers that comfortably conform to your body’s natural contours.

Each TENA Pad has an adhesive strip on the bottom to secure onto your underwear. Additionally, each pad comes individually wrapped for discreet portability.

The TENA Ultimate Protection and Overnight line includes a wide range of sizes and absorbencies, which include:

  • Moderate (11” long) – These incontinence pads are ideal for those who experience light stress incontinence and may lose a few drops when laughing or sneezing. Serenity Moderate pads are also great for women experiencing bladder leakage during or after pregnancy.
  • Moderate Long (12” long) - These pads are ideal for individuals who experience continuous moderate leakage and need a longer length. Similar to Moderate pads, Moderate Long pads protect against leaks caused by laughing, sneezing, and/or pregnancy.
  • Heavy (13” long) - TENA Serenity Heavy Pads are perfect for those who experience more than just a few drops. These pads provide protection against heavy continuous urine loss, especially after a sudden urge to urinate.
  • Heavy Long (15” long) - Those who experience heavy bladder leakage and want extra security will find comfort in the Heavy Long pad. These pads may also be preferred by larger or taller individuals.
  • Ultimate (16” long) - Long and wide, TENA Serenity Ultimate Pads are ideal for those who experience heavy bladder leakage with the sudden urge to urinate.
  • Overnight (16” long) - The Overnight pad is designed to get users through the night. These absorbent pads are wider at the back and front to provide full coverage while lying down.
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