Reusable Female Nylon and Lace Incontinence Panty

Reusable Female Nylon and Lace Incontinence Panty

  • Reusable incontinence panties for women made of silky nylon
  • Unique-Dri™ absorbent pad prevents leakage without inserts or disposable pads
  • Waterproof outer layer for even more protection
  • Agion™ antimicrobial fibers kill odor-causing bacterial
  • Only available in white; machine washable and dryable
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This full coverage reusable incontinence panty is made of silky nylon with stretch lace on both sides. The lace on the sides provides a stylish reprieve from ordinary, unfashionable incontinence panties. This incontinence panty is meant for light to moderate incontinence, and features a waterproof outer layer for better leakage protection. For more comfort, this Wearever incontinence panty has generous rear coverage. Also, you don’t need to use disposable pads or inserts with this panty to have the absorbency you expect since it already has the Unique-Dri™ absorbent pad already sewn into the fabric. And to prevent odors, this panty features Agion™ antimicrobial fibers that kill the bacteria that cause odor. Only available in white, choose between a pack of 1 or 3. This panty can be machine washed and dried up to 200-250 times.

This reusable incontinence panty from Wearever not only saves you money on disposable incontinence products, but it also helps save the environment from unnecessary disposable waste in landfills. You don’t need to use disposable pads or inserts with this incontinence panty since it already has an absorbent pad sewn into the fabric. And to control odor, this panty features antimicrobial fabric that kills odor-causing bacteria. Also, this panty features lace on its sides to give you a more stylish feel than ordinary incontinence panties.

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Care Instructions:

Machine washable and dryable up to 200-250 washings.

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