Swimmates Adult Disposable Swim Diaper

Swimmates Adult Disposable Swim Diaper

  • NEW disposable swim brief provides containment for fecal incontinence
  • Discreet, even when worn underneath swimwear
  • Designed for minimal swelling and will not break apart in water
  • Features moisture-proof barrier and Kufguard leg cuffs
  • Tear-away side seals for easy removal
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Small PU-2844 22" - 36" 80-125 lbs Pack of 22 $19.25 ($0.88/Each)
Medium PU-2845 34" - 48" 120-175 lbs Pack of 20 $19.25 ($0.96/Each)
Large PU-2846 44" - 54" 170-210 lbs Pack of 18 $19.25 ($1.07/Each)
Extra Large PU-2847 48" - 66" 210-250 lbs Pack of 14 $19.25 ($1.38/Each)
2XL PU-2848 62" - 80" 250+ lbs Pack of 12 $19.25 ($1.60/Each)

Introducing the NEW Swimmates Disposable Swim Diaper from the makers of Tranquility! Now you can soak up the sun or take a dive without worry!

This disposable swim brief is designed to provide containment for bowel incontinence. It's worn underneath a bathing suit and won't swell up or break apart in the water. The swim diaper features the familiar blue moisture-proof barrier in its core and Kufguards leg barriers to help contain bowel incontinence. After use, simply tear the sides open and dispose!

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