Tips & Advice: Breathable Outer Layer Briefs Comparison Chart

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Briefs with Breathable Outer Layer
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Abena Abri-Form AirPlus Briefs Abena Abri-Form AirPlus Briefs" Best $0.82
  • Soft, cloth-like outer layer
  • Absorbent zones on sides and in back
  • Refastenable tape tabs plus a wetness indicator
Attends Breathable Briefs Attends Breathable Briefs Best $0.59
  • Single leg gather
  • Flex-tabs press down, then tug
  • Available in Regular size for shorter persons who usually use Large size
Attends Extended Wear Briefs Attends Briefs Extended Wear Best $1.55
  • Additional fluff and polymer to be more absorbent
  • Available in two sizes
  • Great for all night
Nightingale Cool Comfort Fitted Briefs Cool Comfort Fitted Briefs Good $0.50
  • Economical
  • Refastenable tape tabs
  • Wetness Indicator Stripe
Depend Silhouette Briefs for Women Depend Silhouette Briefs for Women Best $1.87
  • Look and feel just like regular underwear
  • Slim profile for a discreet, unnoticeable fit
  • Maximum absorbency for improved dryness
Depend Real Fit Briefs for Men Depend Real Fit Briefs for Men Best $1.87
  • Look and feel just like regular underwear
  • Slim profile for a discreet fit no one will notice
  • Maximum absorbency for improved dryness
Medline ComfortAire Briefs Medline Comfort-Aire Briefs Good $0.68
  • Soft, breathable side panels for added comfort
  • Extra wide tabs for a secure fit
  • "Grab anywhere" closure system reduces waste
Molicare Comfort Briefs Molicare Comfort Briefs Best $1.11
  • Interior leak barriers for exceptional absorbency
  • Less bulky
  • Dual refastening tapes for a secure fit
Prevail Adult Briefs Prevail Adult Briefs
(69 oz.)
Better $0.85
  • Absorbent daytime brief
  • Easy-Lock Fastener
  • Fecal containment zone
Prevail Breezers Prevail Breezers Good $0.51
  • Economical
  • Easy-Lock Fasteners for easy maneuvering
  • Comfortable and discreet
Prevail NuFit Briefs Prevail NU-FIT Briefs Better $0.47
  • Cloth-like outer fabric
  • Uses Easy-Lock Fastener for easy attachment
  • Advanced Zoning System puts absorbency where you need it most
Prevail PerFit Adult Briefs Prevail PerFit Adult Briefs Good $0.50
  • Odor Guard™ Plus stops odors before they start
  • Advanced Zoning System puts absorbency where you need it most
  • Easy to remove and refasten
Prevail PM Extended Wear Briefs Prevail PM Extended Wear
(108 oz.)
Better $0.77
  • Colors: M-yellow, L-green
  • Thicker with functional zones
  • More comfortable for nighttime use
Prevail Stretch Fit Prevail Stretch Fit Unique $0.68
  • Stretch side panels
  • White
  • Ideal for ambulatory users
Medline Restore Briefs Restore Briefs Better $0.79
  • Breathable side panels increase air flow
  • Absorbent core has Remedy Skin Cream for improved skin health
  • Dual core wicks fluid away from skin
Select Soft n' Breathable Briefs Select Soft n' Breathable Briefs Good $0.88
  • Breathable sides
  • Refastenable hooks
  • Form fitting and comfortable
Tena Classic Plus Briefs Tena Classic Plus
(18 oz.)
Better $0.59
  • Plastic tape zone across front
  • Colors - S-green, M-white, R-lavender, L-blue, XL-beige
Tena Flex Belted Briefs Tena Flex Unique $0.72
  • Breathable belt around waist
  • Diaper hooks in front
  • Can be easily repositioned for wound care
Tena Ultra Stretch Briefs Tena Stretch Ultra

Tena Stretch Super
Best $0.80

  • Breathable sides
  • Easy up and down
  • Strip of refastenable Velcro
  • M/R-lavender, L/XL-yellow
  • Increased absorbency with Super
Tena Super Briefs Tena Super
(25 oz.)
Best $1.00
  • All sizes, green color
  • Breathable sides
  • Designed for heavy wetting
  • Infrequent changes
Tena Ultra Briefs Tena Ultra Briefs Best $0.72
  • Breathable sides
  • Colors - M-white, R-lavender, L-blue, XL-peach
Tranquility SlimLine Breathable Briefs Tranquility SlimLine Breathable Briefs Best $0.97
  • Breathable sides help air circulate
  • Micro-hook closure tabs
  • Good for warm climates
Cardinal Health Maximum Absorbency Brief Cardinal Health Maximum Absorbency Brief Better $0.40
  • Contoured dual core for extra protection
  • Convenient hook and loop fastener tabs
  • Advanced odor control

*absorbency listed when provided by manufacturer

**cost of each based on lowest costing size/absorbency combination

NI Rating based on:

  • Absorbency
  • Cost
  • Wearability

All of the breathable outer layer briefs:

  • Have a breathable, cloth-like outer layer
  • Have 2 Velcro tabs per side, except Tena Ultra Stretch, Tena Classic Plus, Tena Flex, Depend Real Fit and Depend Silhouette
  • Are white (unless color specified)
  • Are available in S, M, L and XL sizes
  • Have an elasticized waist on Tena Flex, all others with flat waistband
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