Tips & Advice: Best Products for Male Incontinence

  • Guards for Men with Incontinence

    Tena Guards for MenUrinary incontinence is a very personal issue, and each individual has unique needs. Men, for example, require different kinds of protection than women. Worn on the user's own underwear, guards for men provide protection in the front portion of an undergarment for effectiveness and comfort. Men who experience mild leaking or dribbling, especially after prostate surgery, can find comfort in the following male guards:

    • Attends Guards: These have a soft cloth-like outer cover and absorb up to 6 oz. of liquid.
    • Depend Guards: These are shaped to fit comfortably on a man's body, have protective side guards, and absorb up to 9 oz. of liquid.
    • Tena Guards for Men: These feature elastic leg barriers and absorb up to 8 oz. of liquid.
    • Prevail Guards for Men: These hold up to 19 oz. of liquid, making them the most absorbent and providing maximum protection.

    Like most incontinence products, male guards draw moisture away from the skin and wick it into the fibers of the pad. Their low-profile design makes them discreet and their adhesive strips allow for quick and easy removal and replacement.

  • Drip Collectors for Mild Male Incontinence

    A full-blown incontinence episode is uncomfortable at best and disastrous at worst. But what might be considered just plain annoying is a periodic or constant leakage of urine. While not as voluminous as total urinary incontinence, dripping problems can still result in visible wetness, discomfort, and skin rashes. Incontinence pads and guards can help keep your clothing from becoming soiled and minimize urine odor and discomfort. Another option is a drip collector.

    Drip collectors are absorbent pouches lined with a product that catches leaking urine and converts it to a gel, thereby neutralizing odor and leaving you dry and comfortable. For mild male urinary incontinence, this is a comfortable, discreet, and disposable option.

    One type of drip collector is made by Conveen. Conveen drip collectors attach to your underwear and are easy to use and dispose of. They can be worn around the penis only or around the penis and scrotum together; either option manages drips comfortably and discreetly.

  • Incontinence Underwear for Men

    Boxers or briefs? It's a choice all men make about underwear, and it's based on personal preference, comfort, and sometimes the type of clothing they'll be worn with. Men who need protection to manage bladder control problems want the same type of comfort they're used to. That's why protective underwear for men are designed to look and feel like regular men's underwear. These disposable underwear are pulled up and down and are designed for the male body so men can stay both confident and protected. Here are a few popular options: Tena Protective Underwear for Men

    • Depend Underwear for Men in Colors and Prints: These pull on underwear come in different shades and colors and feature breathable stretch panels for a comfortable fit.
    • Depend Real Fit Briefs for Men: These incontinence briefs feature a slim side profile for a discreet fit and all-around leg elastics for leakage protection.
    • Prevail Boxers for Men: These incontinence boxers feature an absorbency core and an Advanced Zoning System so men get superior protection where they need it most.
    • Tena Underwear for Men: These disposable underwear feature an elastic waistband for a snug, body-close fit.

    If you prefer a machine washable and dryable product, washable incontinence underwear come in several styles. The pull-on briefs resemble men's underwear with added absorbency shields in the front panel, stretchable cotton all around, and an elastic waistband. The washable boxer shorts are a great reusable alternative for those with temporary leakage issues. These have floating waterproof protective pads sewn in and can accommodate booster pads for added protection.

  • Protect Your Privacy When Buying Incontinence Supplies

    The loss of bladder or bowel control is a medical issue that you shouldn't be embarrassed about; however, some people feel very uncomfortable purchasing incontinence aids in the store. The good news is that men can find a more extensive selection of incontinence supplies online than at the local pharmacy or grocery store. Male incontinence products are designed to be discreet—it stands to reason that you should be able to buy them privately, too.

    When you order incontinence aids online at, most packages will be marked with the return address "NI." Case orders may have product names on the outside of the shipping box. If you'd like case orders shipped to you in a plain box, contact customer service at 1-800-998-1745.

    At National Incontinence, we understand the importance of having the necessary supplies for your incontinence needs on hand at all times. That's why we offer an AutoShip plan that gives you the convenient and discreet option of having your favorite products shipped to you automatically at specified times. For example, you could have two cases of Depend Underwear sent to you once a month. Discounts and free shipping are also available for qualifying AutoShip orders.

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