Tips & Advice: Comparison Charts

  • Bariatric thumb

    Bariatric Briefs

    When traditional briefs don’t fit, there are extra-large bariatric incontinence supplies designed specifically to fit larger individuals. Bariatric briefs and pull up underwear feature stretchy material that can be easily adjusted for waists ranging from 60” to 106”. View Chart

  • Bedwetting Alarms thumb

    Bedwetting Alarms

    Recommended by medical professionals, bedwetting alarms, or enuresis alarms, alert the user to wake up as soon as bedwetting occurs. This conditions the individual to wake up before he/she wets the bed. Enuresis alarms are effective for children and young adults who have never had a dry night. This comparison chart describes the differences in our wearable and pad-type bedwetting alarms. View Chart

  • Belted Undergarment thumb

    Belted Undergarments

    Belted undergarments are great for active individuals who are looking for a more discreet option compared to adult diapers. These undergarments feature a pad that is held in place by refastenable elastics and can be changed while standing. Compare our selection of belted undergarments based on absorbency, cost, and wearability. View Chart

  • Breathable Diapers thumb

    Breathable Diapers

    Adult briefs, more commonly known as adult diapers, provide maximum absorbency and protection against urinary and fecal incontinence. From Depend to Tena, this chart shows a comparison of our wide selection of breathable outer layer adult briefs. View Chart

  • Breathable Underwear thumb

    Breathable Underwear

    Breathable protective underwear can be pulled on and off like regular underwear, making them a popular alternative to adult diapers. Compare which protective underwear best fits your needs, while maintaining your dignity and independence. View Chart

  • Male Guards thumb

    Guards for Men

    Incontinence pads for men conform to the male anatomy, ensuring bladder leakage protection where men need it most. Use this comparison chart to find the best male guards for protection against dribbling or prostate complications. View Chart

  • Incontinence Pads thumb

    Incontinence Pads

    Thin and discreet, incontinence pads are designed for those experiencing light bladder leakage. This comparison chart includes bladder control pads just for women, such as from Poise, and unisex incontinence pads. View Chart

  • Plastic Back Diapers thumb

    Plastic Back Diapers

    Unlike breathable diapers, these adult diapers have a plastic outer layer. Compare our selection of plastic back diapers based on absorbency, cost, and wearability. View Chart

  • Vibrating Watches thumb

    Vibrating Reminder Watches

    Vibrating watches offer discreet bathroom, meeting, and medication reminders. Explore the differences in alarm type, independent daily alarms, price, wrist strap material, and more with our vibrating watch comparison chart. View Chart

  • Men Washable Products thumb

    Washable Products for Men

    Looking for a more economical alternative to disposable incontinence products? From vinyl pants to incontinence boxer-briefs, find out which reusable product works best for your bladder control problems. View Chart

  • Women Washable Underwear thumb

    Washable Products for Women

    Looking for a more economical alternative to disposable diapers and briefs? From stylish lace panties to comfortable cotton underwear, find out which washable product works best for your urinary control problems. View Chart

  • Waterproof Bedding thumb

    Waterproof Bedding

    Waterproof bedding protects mattresses and furniture against moisture, bedbugs, allergens, and nighttime wetting. Use this comparison chart to explore the differences in waterproof bedding, including thickness, type of barrier, drying time, and more. View Chart

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