Tips & Advice: Best Products for Female Incontinence

  • Protection Using Bladder Control Pads

    For discreet daytime protection against unexpected urinary leaks, incontinence pads can give women with light bladder leakage a peace of mind. Lightweight bladder control pads are designed for maximum absorption with minimum visibility. In general, absorbent pantyliners, such as Poise pads, feature a material that draws liquid into the center of the pad and away from the body. This makes the pads more comfortable, neutralizes urine odors, and eliminates the worry that other people will notice any bladder leakage.

    Bladder control pads range in absorbency protection from very light to ultimate absorption. They're also available in different lengths and thicknesses, and some offer side protection barriers for added leakage protection. For example, Ultimate Poise Hourglass Pads measure 14.4" long, draws moisture away from the body, eliminates odor, has side shields, and offers a thicker level of protection where women need it most. For those who need extra coverage, Tena pads offer additional choices for night and heavy protection. These discreet bladder pads are perfect if you're looking for protection that can be worn with your own underwear.Poise Pads

  • Menstrual Pads vs. Bladder Control Pads: What's The Difference?

    You may think that a simple sanitary napkin will be sufficient enough to protect you from urinary leakage. After all, they conform to your body, absorb fluid quickly, and adhere to your underwear. So, you won't have to go through the embarrassment of purchasing a bladder control product, right? Wrong.

    Menstrual pads are meant to absorb slow menstrual flow. The permeable top layer typically pulls moisture into the underlying absorbent layer, away from your skin. While this effectively keeps your skin dry, it's not made to handle the chemical composition of urine.

    On the other hand, incontinence pads are designed to absorb rapid urine dispersion. Urine and fecal matter can be damaging to the skin. Some bladder pads have special gels that not only draw urine away from the top layer, but also change it to a more solid substance, neutralizing urine's potentially harmful chemical composition. Others have polymer fabrics with wicking capabilities that also draw moisture from the top layer, eliminating urine odor and neutralizing pH levels to limit the risk of skin breakdown.

  • Protective Underwear for Women

    Whether you suffer from mild trickles triggered by coughing, sneezing, or laughing (stress incontinence) or from full urination when the bathroom can't be reached in time, protective underwear can offer you both security and peace of mind.

    Depend Silhouette for Women

    For complete daytime protection, disposable underwear is ideal for individuals who are ambulatory, can toilet independently, and want protection that looks and feels like normal underwear. They are similar to women's high-waisted panties and have several features, such as an absorbent core and breathable fabric, designed to keep women dry. For example, Attends underwear has a Rapid Lock system that quickly draws fluid away from the body and prevents it from resurfacing, which helps maintain comfort and protects the skin.

    Pull on underwear come in a variety of sizes for the perfect fit, regardless of your size and shape. Below are some of the most popular protective underwear for women:

    • Depend Underwear for Women in Colors and Prints: These disposable underwear come in pastel colors and floral patterns for a more feminine look.
    • Depend Silhouette Brief for Women: This peach-colored brief features a slim side profile for a discreet look.
    • Prevail Underwear: These feature a Specialized Absorbent Core that provides protection and odor control where women need it most and breathable side panels for added skin health.
    • Tena Underwear for Women: This product incontinence product features a highly absorbent core and a snug, close-body fit.

    Protective underwear are easy to pull up and down and can keep you healthy and comfortable as you work with your doctor to improve your bladder control problems.

  • Fitted Briefs Offer Full-Profile Protection for Women

    Urinary incontinence affects approximately 25 million Americans, the majority of whom are women. For those suffering from heavy or full-time incontinence, it's imperative to find adequate protection to make days more bearable and nights more comfortable.

    Prevail Adult Briefs

    If you need high absorbency, or if you have limited mobility and require help getting to the bathroom, you may benefit from the protection of a fitted brief, or adult diaper. They provide maximum protection for heavy incontinence while still being comfortable, discreet, and easy to change. Depend briefs, for example, offer protection that fits the female body and that's effective for both daytime and nighttime use. Choose between adjustable briefs that conform to the body and maximum protection briefs. Both styles of Depend diapers feature refastenable tabs that make changing easy while sitting, standing, or lying down. Prevail Adult Briefs, which have 4 wick-away moisture zones, and Tena Briefs, which feature a wetness indicator, are also effective solutions for women with heavy incontinence.

    No matter which brand or style of adult brief you choose, all of them add to your independence, which is the biggest benefit of all.

  • Generic vs. Brand Name Products

    Choosing between brands of incontinence products can be tough enough, and deciding whether to use a brand name or generic product adds an additional complication. Usually, it comes down to personal choice in terms of comfort, fit, and cost; however, effectiveness is the most important consideration.

    Elisabeth A. Erekson et al researched the performance differences between various brands of incontinence products in an effort to help women choose wisely. The study, published in the International Urogynecology Journal in 2008, compared 10 products using a test in which the wetness of the underside or back of each product was measured with varying degrees of liquid. Results showed that the generic products, such as from Walgreens, didn't perform very well; they demonstrated significantly more wetness and leakage than brand-name products when tested with both small and larger volumes of liquid.

    While saving money is certainly appealing, keep in mind that a lower price could indicate a lower performance. When it comes to incontinence protection, you don't want to skimp on performance.

  • The Ease and Privacy of Online Ordering

    Many people who experience incontinence feel uncomfortable purchasing the protective products they need in stores. With online ordering, you can your favorite incontinence supplies sent to you quickly and discreetly, while maintaining your dignity.

    Since 2000, National Incontinence has offered a comprehensive selection of incontinence products, helped millions of families find incontinence information and solutions, and maintained high standards at low prices. Most packages sent to you are only marked with the return address "NI". Some orders may have the product name on the outside of the shipping box — contact customer service at 1-800-998-1745 to make sure before ordering. Your purchase on is also protected by the Secure Socket Layer, a secure means for handling online orders. In addition to a vast selection of incontinence aids, we offer access to a specialist or nurse practitioner who can help you select the product that's right for you.

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