Tips & Advice: Washable Incontinence Products for Men Comparison Chart

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Men's Incontinence Boxer Brief Men's Incontinence Boxer Brief Good $18.95
  • Adult sized absorbent boxer brief for men
  • Comfortable boxer brief design
  • No need to purchase disposable pads or inserts
Men's Classic Incontinence Brief Men's Reusable Classic Incontinence Brief (Discontinued) Good $15.99 - $42.00
  • Adult sized, absorbent brief for men
  • Sewn-in absorbent pad
  • No need to purchase disposable pads or inserts
Men's Super Absorbent Incontinence Brief Men's Super Absorbent Incontinence Brief Better $19.95
  • Adult sized absorbent brief for men
  • Great for overnight wear!
  • No need to purchase disposable pads or inserts
Male Washable Absorbent Briefs Male Washable Absorbent Briefs Better $24.95
  • Double absorbent, sewn-in pad
  • Absorbs 9 oz. of fluid
  • Waterproof backing for added security
Tena Comfort Pants Tena Comfort Pants Better $2.41
  • Holds a Tena pad in place
  • Soft leg openings leave no skin marks or redness
  • 4 sizes to choose from
Tranquility Washable Pant Tranquility Washable Pant Best $13.95
  • For use with Tranquility High Capacity Pads
  • Made of 100% cotton for a soft feel
  • Inner leg cuffs for added leakage protection
Tranquility Bariatric Stretch Pant Tranquility Bariatric Stretch Pant (Discontinued) Best $8.99
  • Holds a pad or liner in place, close to your body
  • Blended polyester/spandex fabric is seamless for comfort
  • Antimicrobial additive controls odors and prevents bacteria
Adult Sized Washable Bedtime Pants Washable Bedtime Pant for Adults (Discontinued) Best $26.95
  • Adult sized, absorbent washable brief for men and women
  • Absorbs up to 8 oz.
  • Looks and feels like regular underwear
Select Washable Mesh Pants Select Washable Mesh Pants (Discontinued) Good $2.21
  • Holds a liner in place
  • Both breathable and comfortable
  • Discreet way to manage incontinence
Washable Pull On Moisture Proof Pant Pull-On Moisture Proof Pant Good $15.95
  • Lightweight, yet made of strong nylon
  • Great at preventing leakage
  • Nylon material is noiseless and won't rustle
Washable Vinyl Pants Vinyl Pants (3 Pack) Good $4.32
  • Provides dependable, discreet protection
  • Waterproof to keep skin dry
  • Antibacterial material controls odor
Male Washable Protective Vinyl Pants Male Protective Vinyl Pants Good $19.95
  • Inner waterproof membrane keeps skin dry
  • Looks and feels like regular underwear
  • Soft cotton is all that contacts user's skin

**cost of each based on lowest costing size/absorbency combination

All of the Reusable Incontinence Products provide discreet protection against leakage

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